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This original image by Hanna Hedstrom is drawn in the traditional style using pencil and ink, then edited and colored using Adobe’s products.
This image was inspired by side-by-side comparison photographs of the Lyell Glacier in 1901 and 2011. Drawn in 2014 to commemorate Yosemite National Park’s 125th anniversary, this image represents what the Lyell Glacier may have looked like in the summer months of 1890 when the park was created. Once Yosemite’s largest glacier, Lyell was downgraded to a permanent snowfield in 2013 due to its lack of movement. John Muir began studying the Lyell Glacier in the 1870s, and geologists in the park are still studying it, and looking to it as a symbol of climate change.
These matte, museum-quality posters are printed in the U.S.A. on durable, archival paper.

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